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Tom Gautier


Explore your inner world and make the most out of your humanhood.

Coaching is a support process to go through a change. That change can come from the outside - your environment - or within yourself - your will to change. It can be imposed on you, as you can be the one to initiate it.

As a coach, I will act as your mirror and ask perspective-shifting questions. I will make you think hard and highlight blind spots. I thrive to challenge, support, develop and provide you with tools so you can finally blast that unclarity out of the window.
Coaching can take place in many different ways; but whether it is through a punctual session to overcome an obstacle, or a structured process spread over time to ensure a follow-up, the principle remains the same.

The why

Coaching and exploration

My coaching journey started during my training and certification in 2021 by the World Coaching Organisation. There, I materialised the synergies of my previous experiences as an engineer, a recruiter, a consultant, a leader. Each of these worlds provided me with a key insight: a structured thinking, an experience of what motivates us as human beings, a framework to objectively approach and solve a problem, and a masterclass in teamwork.
This is half of the why. The other half comes from a time working with sled dogs in the Arctic, when I heard the call: exploration. Exploration not only of stunning landscapes and remote cultures, but also of who we believe ourselves to be, as individuals and society.
I explore our outer world made of mountains, oceans and forests.
I explore our inner world made of thoughts, perspectives and beliefs.

I explore with you to create harmonious links between your inner landscape and the outer environment surrounding you.

Kind words

Coaching from their eyes

Oyku - 12 weeks, 6 sessions
Senior Consultant & Photography Enthusiast

“Working with Tom was perspective shifting. The way he pushed me to always think about what more I could be doing made me feel like I was owning the destiny of the process we went through. All in all, Tom guided me towards finding joy in achievement, and restoring confidence and peacefulness.”
Alexandre - Monthly sessions
Manager & Entrepreneur

“Tom is like a surgeon for the mind. By asking revealing questions, he enables me to create lasting solutions to improve my life the way I want. Each session, I gain in clarity and peace of mind, and feel more hopeful and excited about life!”

Ready to jump in?

Schedule your free exploratory coaching session

I believe coaching is a very personal thing: this free exploratory session will not only give you a glimpse of what coaching can (and can not) achieve, but also ensure that I am the right coach for you and you are the right coachee for me.

To make the most out of our exploratory session, book a time where you will have a calm space where you can focus and speak your mind. I also invite you to think of wishes, expectations and topics you have in mind for the coaching. What would you like to get out of it? What would make it extraordinary?

Looking forward to exploring together,


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