Coaching in altitude

Tom Gautier


Tom Gautier


(Re)discover self-mastery and self-awareness

through mountaineering

Did you ever come back from an immersion in nature observing “How good did I feel, up there...”? You’re not alone. So many of us are left wondering: what makes it so peaceful to be in nature?

Nature, and mountains in particular, have the ability to make our daily struggles and concerns disappear, by bringing us back to our core. It is when taking a step back that we reach this feeling of complete freedom, in which we are doing what we truly want to.
I also strongly believe the learnings gained  in the mountains to be entirely transferable to our daily lives, and that capitalising on these learnings can bring us joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

This philosophy is at the core of the retreat: it aims at bringing you to meet your true self in breathtaking places, while giving you the tools needed to integrate the insights you will discover.


The retreat

Coaching and exploration

During four days, you will have two guides dedicated to your exploration: one will lead you through mountains and glaciers and ensure your safety, the other will assist you in your thinking and ask powerful questions to help you gain perspective. At the beginning and end of each day, we will conduct activities and workshops as a group revolving around various themes, such as emotion recognition and self-management, mental preparation, visualisation, meditation.

We favor a small group of four participants, plus the guide and the coach. This limited number facilitates more qualitative exchanges and a better learning integration throughout the retreat.

The retreat will evolve through three main phases. The first will consist in acclimatising after our arrival in the mountain refuge. We will discover our new environment and our state of mind at that given time.
The second will bring exploration by discovering new horizons, summits, perspectives and questions.
The third and last will allow us to integrate what happened, synthesize our learnings and develop tailor-made tools to capitalise on that new energy in our daily life.

The concrete stuff

Where, when, how much and what

Location: Northern French Alps (Mont-Blanc, Vanoise, Écrins) depending on meteorological conditions

Dates: July 19 - 22th, 2023. Additional dates are currently being organised for this summer, reach out to know more!

Price: 1590€ / person Of the 1590€ we price, 900 serve to remunerate the guide and the coach; 400 go to accommodation, food and mountain gear; the remaining 290 serve to cover our fees and the booking agency's.

What’s included:
  • Group and individualised coaching during the whole retreat
  • Mountain guiding during the whole retreat
  • Full board in a mountain refuge
  • Shoes, crampons, ice axe, harness and helmet rental
What’s not:
  • Personal mountain insurance (mandatory)
  • Transportation to the meeting point
  • Potential lifts to get in altitude
  • Personal gear and non-mentioned items
  • A preparation coaching session before the retreat
  • An integration coaching session after the retreat

In brief

Who am I?

My coaching journey started during my training and certification in 2021 by the World Coaching Organisation. There, I materialised the synergies of my previous experiences as an engineer, a recruiter, a consultant, a leader. Each of these worlds provided me with a key insight: a structured thinking, an experience of what motivates us as human beings, a framework to objectively approach and solve a problem, and a masterclass in teamwork.
This is half of the why. The other half comes from a time working with sled dogs in the Arctic, when I heard the call: exploration. Exploration not only of stunning landscapes and remote cultures, but also of who we believe ourselves to be, as individuals and society.
I explore our outer world made of mountains, oceans and forests.
I explore our inner world made of thoughts, perspectives and beliefs.

I explore with you to create harmonious links between your inner landscape and the outer environment surrounding you.

Any doubts?


Is it necessary to have experience in mountaineering?

No. The selected routes are not technical and will be picked by taking into account the group’s abilities. It is the mountain guide’s role to ensure everyone comes back home safe and having had as much fun as possible during the day!

A decent physical condition will allow you to make the most of the retreat. The most important remains to come with an open mind to meet oneself and others.

This retreat is really appealing, but I am not sure to have the physical condition to make it. What should I do?

During this retreat, mountaineering is only the vehicle and not an end in itself - the choice of the routes is made to take you to inspiring places without having to perform technical and physical feats. They do not require an extraordinary physical condition. To ensure you will make the most out of it, I will call you after receiving your registration form to better understand your abilities.

I do not have any mountaineering gear, is that an issue?

The guide will take care of the commun gear and can sometimes lend items. For what is not possible to lend, we will pass by a rental shop before heading up to the refuge so everyone is well equiped.

Want to know more before jumping in?

Schedule your exploratory coaching session

Coaching, just like mountains, can be quite personal: that is why I offer a free exploratory coaching session, which will allow you not only to get a glimpse of what you can achieve through coaching but also to ensure we have a good fit.

To make the most out of our exploratory session, book a time where you will have a calm space where you can focus and speak your mind.

Looking forward to exploring together,


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