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Tom Gautier


My journey

From a tropical island to vast  snowy landscapes

After growing up on the French island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, I heard the call of vast spaces, and Canada welcomed me with open arms. Following my desire to become a videogame tester as a kid, I was admitted to study sofware engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. 

There, I discovered the joys of big cities: a flourishing student life where I gorged on the most diverse experiences I could find and a multiculturality so rich it becomes a culture in itself. I was fortunate enough to study and work in Malaysia, Mexico and Finland throughout my degree, which only fueled my thirst for more discoveries.
Professionally-speaking, it was just as diverse: software development, recruitment, business development, strategy, consulting... Some expressed their skepticism and were asking what I was going to specialise in. I was not very concerned, convinced that this variety was the very essence of my strength.

In the quest for professionnal satisfaction and the full expression of my potential, I ‘only’ had to find what really fascinated me in each of these experiences, what linked them all together.


The link

Personal development

January 17th, 2017, Bangkok. I step foot on the Asian continent for the first time in my life. After getting settled in the hostel, I meet a young man who comes to me: “Are you up for a 3-hour introduction to meditation in a monastery?” With little to no idea to what it entitles, I accept the invitation. This story will not go as the one you can expect: I did not become enlightened that day. I actually did not understand much of what happened during these three hours. But it planted a seed. Six months later, I found myself entrusting my belongings to a complete stranger - a volunteer at a vipassana meditation center - while getting ready to withdraw myself from the world in silence for 10 days.

February 29th, 2019, Montreal. As dozens of questions collide in my mind, I look for an objective to aim for and hold on to. I like running in the mountains. Why not a trail running race? I find one that seems to fit the bill - 40 km and 1800 m of positive elevation. I have never ran more than 10 km, but that should do. Six months later, I cross the finish line with a relatively disgruntled body but proud and happy. Another seed will have been planted.
November 18th, 2020, Helsinki. Whiteout in my head, mental fog at its peak. I previously started the biggest challenge of my career: take an organisation back up the downward slope accentuated by the pandemic.
I discover coaching with the objective of regaining in clarity.
Several months later, witnessing the progress I made, I decide to take a coaching training and certification, to use the tools and foster more clarity for myself, my team, relatives and friends.

Whether it is in the spiritual, sports or professional world, I discovered that my core driver has always been the meeting with the unknown, the exploration and the discovery of myself and of others.

What about now?

Coaching, exploration and movement

Standing on my led pulled by eight huskies, in the middle of the Arctic, I realised then that exploration is my leitmotiv, my rhythm, my motivation. Exploration is where I draw energy and inspiration from, whether it is an external movement through a physical activity or an internal one through a reflection or an exchange. 

I now explore in diverse ways in my daily life.

First and foremost, I explore with individuals their inner world, their mind, to discover internal resources available yet invisible to their eyes, and break free from the limits they unknowingly impose on themselves.

I also explore with groups in the mountains, to increase their self-awareness and improve their self-mastery through the practice of mountaineering.

Finally, I explore with organisations to facilitate better-being and performance at work, and empower leaders to become coaches for their own teams.

Encouraging self-work for so many definitely requires me to lead by example, and I do so with a lot of satisfaction on a daily basis. I explore my own inner world with peers just as passionate, as well as by meditating, writing, reading and dancing with the elements through climbing, skiing, hiking, trail running and sailing.

“Find stillness in movement, and movement in stillness.”

Kind words

Coaching seen from their eyes

Oyku Cildir - 12 weeks, 6 sessions
Senior Consultant & Photography Enthusiast

“Working with Tom was perspective shifting. The way he pushed me to always think about what more I could be doing made me feel like I was owning the destiny of the process we went through. All in all, Tom guided me towards finding joy in achievement, and restoring confidence and peacefulness.”
Alexandre Gontcharov - Monthly sessions
Manager & Entrepreneur

“Tom is like a surgeon for the mind. By asking revealing questions, he enables me to create lasting solutions to improve my life the way I want. Each session, I gain in clarity and peace of mind, and feel more hopeful and excited about life!”

Fancy an exploration?

Reach out

If you are curious to discover what coaching is, exchange of any given topic, or learn more about the different projects I pursue in the city or in the mountains, please reach out! It would be a pleasure to meet you and exchange through a videocall.

Looking forward to exploring together,


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